a few months later...

After temporarily stepping away from the business (for a number of reasons), our goal became clear; to serve businesses and artists (just like you) to effectively build a brand infrastructure merged with creatively inspired marketing strategies that command attention.


We noticed an issue. The music industry is difficult to navigate and it’s nearly impossible to get attention without the proper strategies.

So we (unintentionally) went back to the drawing board.


We set our sights on a vision to create a significant impact on the music industry, specifically for the creators.

It started with the idea that authenticity wins and self-awareness can empower us to create a meaningful impact.


We have evolved from offering branding services to artists and businesses, to providing a full suite of services to empower musicians and music businesses with the knowledge and strategies that distinguish their brand, connect with their true fans, and build a sustainable career - all while giving them the ability to create freely.


Our goal is to be at the forefront of the music business and foster change in favour of artists.

The days of relinquishing control as an artist are slowly fading away, and it's our belief that with the proper guidance and mutual trust, that we can not only survive the changing tides of the music industry, but thrive in a world where the creators hold the power.


Founded in 2015, we began serving the music industry with social media management and content development services. Our goal was simple; to work in an industry we love while providing valueable services to the venues, festivals, and artists.

“Innovation begins with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals and an unconventional approach to a conventional solution.”
Blair Bouchard