be in the mix

All the services of a record label, but you retain ownership of your music.

artist development

Our services are specifically designed to help you build a sustainable music career based on your authentic brand and desire to create music that expresses your creative vision. They are designed to give you the creative freedom you want, the career you crave, and the recognition you deserve.

There's passion inside of you, a burning desire to create music, build a fan base, and become part of music culture.

a powerful partnership

This is a platform to launch a successful career. It's a 'take you by the hand' and develop a brand that provides differentiated value type of deal. It's an in-depth, creatively inspired strategy structured to share your music and authentic personality with the world.

Every single one of our services is a on-on-one, in-depth process that provides you with the tactics and assets to break through the noise of a cluttered music business.

the hustle

You're willing to show up, put in the work, and hustle to make your dreams come true. But no matter how much you grind, things don't seem to be changing.

It's not your work ethic, it's your approach.

There's a smarter way!


We'll uncover your personality, style, values, and ideal career path.

We'll set your sights on a defined vision to create a significant impact and grow authentically.


We'll create a brand identity that serves as the foundation for the rest of your music career.

This results in clarity, self-awareness, and confidence. Ultimately giving you a competitive advantage over undefined artists 'hoping' to break through to their fans.


Let's be real... If you're not planning, you're guessing. You're leaving your success to chance.

Your brand will influence an artist-specific marketing strategy and creative assets that will attract your true fans, engage them authentically, and build sustainable practices that will serve you long into your journey as an artist.

the problem

Music is your calling and you're putting your heart and soul into your craft, but you're not getting the results you expected.

It’s increasingly difficult to break through the noise of saturated digital platforms and garner the attention of your true fans.

Competing with so many other artists seems impossible.

why wait to be heard?


word on the street

"From just an idea to a complete artist brand identity and strategy, working with Silence gave me the ability to focus on my music. They not only created a visual identity, but an entire persona. I can confidently pursue my music career with the help of a clear vision."
INTO1 (Music Producer)
"Silence took my brand to an entirely new level of consistency. Going through the process with them gave me a renewed perspective and a level of confidence in my music that I’ve never had before. I’m looking forward to the evolution of my brand and using that consistency to gain more fans."
Andy Cue (Producer & DJ)
"Figuring out what to do next is hard when you’re focused so much on making music and playing shows. Creating a plan with someone who knows the marketing and branding side of things has been a massive asset for me."
Brandon Marshall (Producer & DJ)
“Your strategy is just as important as the practical application of your craft.”
Blair Bouchard
Founder & Brand Strategist

the best part

Everything we build together, everything you learn, and all the fans you acquire will last your entire career. This isn't some trendy tactic of the week, this is the groundwork that will build your legacy.


why you?

We're not here to capitalize on artists with a dream, we're here to make an impact. These are just some of the reasons you need to find a marketing partner to help build your brand, strategy, and assets.

You’re a musician who’s ready to build a sustainable music career that provides you with the life you’ve always wanted.

You want to attract a base of true ‘ride or die’ fans.

You want to understand how to get your music in front of more people and actually make money from your creativity.

You want to build a brand that people resonate with authentically.

You want people on your team who understand your goals and push you in the right direction to achieve them.

what we offer

Our services aren't a random collection of marketing agency buzz words. We've crafted every single one of these to serve artists with the best possible outcome.

- Artist development

- Brand development

- Marketing strategy

- Music promotion

- Media production

- Website development


On our initial call (since every artist has different needs) we’ll determine what services you’ll need and in what order, then provide you with a proposal that includes all of the deliverables, a timeline, budget breakdown, contract, and initial invoice.

Our typical engagement is a 4 phase process and lasts 6 months. This is the most effective way to build your brand, promote your music, and grow your career.

Phase 1 : Brand development

Gaining clarity is the first step to creating momentum. We'll help you define your communication style, values, vision, and much more. All of this leads to us creating a strong brand, differentiated value, and goals that will lead to your version of success.

Phase 2 : Career & business planning

At the end of the day, you need to treat your music career as a business. You're an entrepreneur and you need to act accordingly.

We'll help you set up everything you need to operate as a business, build a team, and manage your projects like a well oiled machine.

Phase 3 : Marketing strategy

Next we dive into building a marketing strategy. This in-depth plan covers every single aspect of your career, from how you release music, to unique engagements with fans at live events, and everything in between.

Phase 4 : Music promotion

Finally, we can promote your music! Whether you're releasing a string of singles or an album, we create a strategy surrounding your next project and ensure all the necessary assets are in place to promote it across every platform.
Note: we offer all of our services separately as well. You're unique, so we're happy to create a custom plan for you.

who you'll be working with

blair bouchard

Founder & brand strategist (your guide)

With an almost unhealthy obsession to understand every aspect of the music industry. Blair is on a mission to help artists become confident in the 'business' side of their career, giving them the ability to focus on their craft.

nicole sasson

Marketing strategist

Always taking a unique approach to the creation of marketing strategies, Nicole is an avid guitar player with a passion for connecting creatives to their fans through digital and physical mediums.

kent saunders

Graphic & web designer

Dj/music producer with a ninja's eye for detail. We don't trust many people to design websites and graphics for our clients, but Kent kicks ass every single time.

initial payment


This payment covers brand development project.

monthly payment


These payments cover ongoing development, marketing, and promotion.

The initial payment covers the first two months of the program.

All prices are subject to Ontario HST tax. Monthly retainer programs are billed on the date specified on your invoice and billed via credit card or pre-authorized cheques.

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